Our Purpose and Values

Our Code

Our Code sets the foundation for how we behave at BD. Our value “We do what is right” is the cornerstone of our Code. To do what is right, we follow the laws, rules, and company policies that apply to us. We also follow the highest ethical standards, even when there’s no specific law or policy. Our Code provides guidance and resources to help us follow through on these ethical standards and protect our reputation.


Our Purpose

Advancing the world of health™. Our shared commitment is to make a difference in the lives of others by improving healthcare wherever we can and advancing the world of health™.

Our Commitment

Acting with integrity is critical to the company's success and reputation. Our commitment extends beyond compliance with the law. We believe that the best way to be a great company and to deliver value to our customers, associates, and shareholders is to be fair, honest, and ethical in our business practices and behavior at work.

Our Values


We do what
is right


We thrive on
innovation and
demand quality


We are all


We learn
and improve
every day

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We help each
other be great

What we believe and why it matters to BD

Ensuring Product Safety and Quality

What we believe
The safety of patients and users of our products is a top priority. We think about the patient and healthcare professional during every step of development and production. We all need to make sure that BD products and technologies meet all safety and quality standards.

Why it matters
To help in successful diagnosis and treatment, BD products must be safe and effective for their intended use. Our customers and patients are at the heart of everything we do, and they depend on the quality and safety of our products. We never cut corners.

Contributing to Our Communities

What we believe
We believe in supporting the communities where we live and work. We also want to address broader healthcare challenges in society. We encourage our associates to get involved in these efforts.

Why it matters
Our local communities are the foundation of our business and contribute greatly to the well-being of our associates. Our success depends on the success of the communities in which we operate. Helping to address healthcare issues in our communities helps us in advancing the world of health™.

Respecting Human Rights

What we believe
We protect human rights in all areas of our business. We believe that all people should be treated with dignity and respect, and we expect our business partners to do the same.

Why it matters
As a responsible global citizen, we believe in safeguarding human rights in everything we do. We never engage in human trafficking, slavery, child labor, or unsafe, and unfair work practices.

Protecting the Environment

What we believe
We believe in environmental responsibility and accountability. That's because we understand that environmental performance can have an impact on human health.

Why it matters
Climate change and population growth are placing great demands on natural resources and bringing our business and operations new challenges. Increasing regulatory requirements and customer expectations require us to consider the environmental impact of our business and minimize our environmental footprint.

Participating in the Political Process

What we believe
We believe in a system in which we are free to engage in the political process. We participate in the political process ethically and transparently, and we separate our personal political activities from our work at BD.

Why it matters
We believe that an open political process makes for a more fair, efficient, and productive society; We use our skills and knowledge, and global reach, to help advance public policy.

Our Cultural Priorities

We are Agile and Results-Driven

This means we are:

  • Action and results oriented

  • Fact-based, decisive, and adaptable

  • Direct and transparent

  • Efficient; process- and systems-oriented 

  • Consistently delivering results and meeting commitments

  • Leading through change

We are Customer Centric and Innovative

We apply a deep understanding of customer needs, market dynamics, and science to deliver innovation that improves health outcomes and drives company objectives.

We are Inclusive, Diverse and Equal

We build and engage diverse teams and individuals, leveraging their unique ideas, backgrounds, and experiences to deliver better outcomes for our global marketplace.