Global Health and Social Investing

Global Health

BD Global Health works to align activities, priorities, and development efforts around the world's leading public health needs. We drive access to existing BD solutions and develop and deploy innovations to address priority health needs in areas aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To achieve positive societal outcomes, we utilize various methods, including innovative commercial business models, public-private partnerships, market development activities, and global advocacy. Established in 2004, BD Global Health champions private sector engagement with international agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and governments on global, regional, and local levels with a goal to enhance access to health for all people.


Our passion extends through our approach to social investing

At BD, we're passionate about advancing the world of health™— and that passion extends through our approach to social investing. Our company values guide us to "do what's right," to "take personal responsibility," and to "respect, collaborate with, challenge and care about each other." And those commitments apply not just to the way we do business, but also to the ways we give back to the local and global community.

We leverage our expertise to collaborate with leading nonprofit organizations to address unmet healthcare needs. We focus on improving healthcare access and strengthening the capacity of health systems to care for all patients, especially the most vulnerable.