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BD Heritage

In 1897, Maxwell W. Becton and Fairleigh S. Dickinson founded Becton, Dickinson and Company. Our customers trust our products and technologies to improve patient lives. Serving over 190 countries, BD is one of the largest global medical technology companies in the world and is advancing the world of health™ by improving medical discovery, diagnostics, and the delivery of care. The company supports the heroes on the frontlines of healthcare by developing innovative technology, services, and solutions that help advance both clinical therapy for patients and clinical process for healthcare providers.


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Our Segments

The company's organizational structure is based upon three principal business segments: BD Medical, BD Life Sciences and BD Interventional

FY22 Revenue Split

BD Medical

$8.8 billion (FY22 revenues)

Our BD Medical segment focuses on providing innovative solutions to reduce the spread of infection, enhance diabetes treatment, advance drug delivery, improve surgical procedures and provide effective and safe medication management. Our customers include hospitals and clinics; physicians; governmental and public health agencies; healthcare workers; retail pharmacies; pharmaceutical and biotech companies; and consumers.

Medication Delivery Solutions

$4.3 billion (FY22 revenues)

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of products that are used daily in healthcare,our Medication Delivery Solutions business unit strives to improve safety for both patients and healthcare workers. Today, we provide healthcare industry with a wide range of products for injection and infusion therapy, regional anesthesia and closed medication management.

Medication Management Solutions

$2.5 billion (FY22 revenues)

Our Medication Management Solutions business unit includes our industry-leading infusion, BD Alaris™ and BD Pyxis™ Medication Management systems. Our infusion systems work independently and together to accurately deliver infusions while helping protect patients with the Guardrails™ Suite MX Safety Software. Our medication and supply dispensing solutions can help lower costs and improve patient safety.

Pharmaceutical Systems

$2.0 billion (FY22 revenues)

Our Pharmaceutical Systems business unit is among the world's leading suppliers of medical devices and continue to be a leading innovator in injection and infusion-based drug delivery since 1906. We provide innovative prefillable syringes and self-injection systems for 70 percent of the top 100 pharmaceutical companies around the world and manufacturing containers for more than 500 pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide.

BD Life Sciences

$5.6 billion (FY22 revenues)

Our BD Life Sciences segment delivers innovative solutions from discovery to diagnosis, continually advancing science and clinical outcomes across infectious disease and cancer. Offerings include preanalytical solutions for sample management; immunology research solutions, including flow cytometry and multiomics tools; microbiology and molecular diagnostics; lab automation and informatics solutions; and differentiated reagents and assays. Our customers include research institutions, industrial and reference laboratories; blood banks; hospitals and clinics; alternate site healthcare; public health agencies; academic and government institutions; and pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Integrated Diagnostics Solutions

$4.2 billion (FY22 revenues)

Our integrated diagnostic solutions business unit aims to drive growth and innovation around everything from integrated specimen management to diagnostic solutions. Our products are designed for the safe collection and transport of diagnostics specimens, as well as instruments that accurately detect a broad range of infectious diseases, healthcare-associated infections and cancers.


$1.4 billion (FY22 revenues)

Our Biosciences business unit is a leading provider of high-quality flow cytometry and single-cell genomics solutions, scientific research and clinical laboratories. We are leading the way by developing the best technologies to look closer at the details of cells and diseases.

BD Interventional

$4.5 billion (FY22 revenues)

Our BD Interventional segment focuses on developing innovative surgical, endovascular, urological and critical care interventions that not only meet clinical needs, but also deliver value to health systems and improve patients’ lives. Our customers include hospitals and clinics; physicians; ambulatory surgery centers; nurses; and consumers.

Peripheral Intervention

$1.8 billion (FY22 revenues)

Our Peripheral Intervention business unit offers a comprehensive range of medical products, devices and services for the treatment of pperipheral arterial disease and peripheral venous disease, cancer detection, and end-stage renal disease and maintenance.

Urology & Critical Care

$1.3 billion (FY22 revenues)

Our Urology & Critical Care business unit is an established and trusted leader in urinary healthcare, developing complete solutions which optimize the urine drainage process in the acute care gospital setting. Our target temperature management technology is leaving a lasting impact on ICU patients, giving way to a new league of medical advancements. Over the years, we've expanded into urological home care with a portfolio of best-in-class products and technologies.


$1.4 billion (FY22 revenues)

Our Surgery business unit has evolved as we've created new technologies. Our products empower providers to reduce the incidence of surgical complications, improve patients’ experiences and lower the total cost of surgical care – thanks to synthetic and resorbable mesh, biologic implants and fixation systems to complement innovative surgery techniques.