The BD 2025 Strategy

Our 2025 Strategy

We're focused on delivering durable growth and creating shareholder value, while making appropriate investments for the future. BD 2025, our current phase of value creation, is anchored in three key pillars—Grow, Simplify, and Empower. 

BD 2025 Strategy

We align our operations and investments with these key strategic pillars and underlying objectives


  • Developing and maintaining a strong portfolio of leading products and solutions that address significant unmet clinical needs, improve outcomes, and reduce costs;

  • Focusing on our core products, services, and solutions that deliver greater benefits to patients, healthcare workers, and researchers;

  • Investing in research and development that will result in category innovation and a robust product pipeline;

  • Leveraging our global scale to expand our reach in providing access to affordable medical technologies around the world, including emerging markets;

  • Supplementing our internal growth through strategic acquisitions;

  • Driving an efficient capital structure and strong shareholder returns.


  • Working across our supply chain to minimize environmental impacts;

  • Creating more resilient operations based on an enterprise-wide renewable energy strategy;

  • Reducing complexity across our manufacturing network and rationalizing our product portfolio;

  • Enhancing our quality and risk management systems;

  • Simplifying our internal business processes;

  • Focusing on cash and expense management in order to improve operating effectiveness and balance sheet productivity.


  • Fostering a purpose-driven culture with a focus on positive impact to all stakeholders–customers, patients, employees, and communities;

  • Improving our ability to serve customers and enhance customer experiences through the digitalization of internal processes and go-to-market approaches;

  • Cultivating an inclusive work environment that welcomes and celebrates diverse talent and perspectives.

Our Quality Focus

"We will consistently provide superior products and services in pursuit of our purpose of advancing the world of health™. This will be achieved through customer-focused continuous improvement and by maintaining an effective quality system that complies with regulatory requirements."

- Tom Polen, Chairman, CEO and President


Our R&D Focus

Applying smart devices, robotics, analytics, and artificial intelligence to improve care processes

Enabling new care settings to enhance the patient experience and expand care

Better diagnosis and/or treatments of chronic diseases to improve outcomes