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    When did BD make its initial public offering, and at what price?
    Becton, Dickinson and Company made its initial public offering on April 23, 1962 at $25 a share. An initial purchase of 100 shares on that date would have increased to more than 14,400 shares by the end of Fiscal 2015, assuming all dividends were reinvested and shares were adjusted for stock splits, which occurred on 12/26/63, 11/23/66, 3/31/69, 2/28/86, 2/26/93, 8/15/96 and 8/20/98.
    Does BD have a direct stock purchase plan?
    Computershare Trust Company, N.A. sponsors and administers the Computershare Investment Plan in shares of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company). This program includes a dividend reinvestment feature. For further information, contact Computershare at: or by phone at 1-877-498-8861.
    Does BD pay dividends?
    Yes. BD pays quarterly cash dividends to shareholders. The company has paid dividends each year since 1909, with only three exceptions, which occurred while it was privately held. Since becoming publicly held in 1962, BD has paid regular quarterly dividends and has also declared periodic dividend increases. The indicated annual dividend rate for fiscal year 2016 is $2.64 per share.
    Who do I contact about replacement of stock certificates and/or a change of address, or other questions about my account?

    You may replace a stock certificate and/or report a change of address, or make other inquiries about your account by contacting:

    Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
    250 Royall St.
    Canton, MA 02021
    Phone: 1-877-498-8861
    International: 781-575-2726

    How do I obtain a copy of your Annual Report and/or Press Releases?
    See the Annual Reports, SEC Filings, Press Releases or Request Information sections of our Web site.

    Investor Highlights


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    Moments after crossing the finish line of a half marathon, Jonathan went into cardiac arrest due to a congenital defect in his artery.

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